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Our today’s topic is about how one can operate Cummins Power Generation smoothly but before shedding into it we want to let you know what exactly Cummins Power Generator are? This brief intro will help you to know the basics of Cummins generator.

Especially if you are a newbie to use a generator then this guide will definitely going to help you out. As we all knows very well that Cummins is one of the most famous worldwide brands right now. Cummins are specialized in designing, producing and selling diesel and natural gas engines.

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This company has been the quickly growing company because of investing more than one hundred & forty million dollars in China. This brand has been awarded by multiple international awards because of producing engines with high performance, high quality. People admire this brand a lot because of guaranteed services. We are going explain the advantages of Cummins Power Generation so have a look on it for better understanding.

Cummins Power Generation Advantages that you may have not known

  • When it comes to quality, Cummins Power Generation is simply amazing, many experts have compared their quality with other brands but they rated Cummins 10 out of 10.
  • Best part about Cummins Power Generation is that they come up with maximum power by consuming minimum resources this feature makes it unique from other brands.
  • Every generator comes up with a bit noise but in this advanced era, Cummins brands have completely controlled the noise factor.
  • If you are looking for generator that must come up with huge output power then we recommends Cummins Power Generation highly to all of you.
  • Their performance cannot be explained via words, Cummins Power Generation comes up with outstanding performance.
  • They are highly durable and come up with long life span.
  • If you study about other generators then you will get to know that those are not environmental friendly but this is not the case with Cummins Power Generation because experts have made them pollution free.
  • Another plus point is that this brand offers a 3 guarantee.
  • They needs very low maintenance with a 100% convenient spare parts power supply.
  • Last but the most feature in Cummins Power Generation is that they comes up with an alarm system, in case of high temperatures, high or low pressure alarm will start alerting you or will automatically shut itself. Is not it amazing? We think such protection features should be appreciable.

So these were the advantages of Cummins Power Generation that you may have not. Now we are going to explain how to start, shut and operate Cummins Power Generation efficiently. This guide will be helpful especially for the newbies so have a look on it and start operating Cummins generator efficiently.

How to Operate Cummins Power Generator? A Complete Guide

Start the Cummins Generator

The very first thing that you have to keep in your mind is that do not start the generator with load.

For Starting, simply PUSH the start button, if you see that generator is not starting, and then we recommend you highly to wait for 20 seconds before starting it again.

If you have repeated the starting process for consecutive 3 times then we recommend you not to start it again. Before starting solve the problem control module for example battery voltage, oil circuit.

Always keep in mind that continuous startup can create lot of troubles for you by creating unburned gas in the exhaust system. This unburned gas can be the reason of explosion hazard.

For mechanical speed regulating for the start of idle speed for 1 minute, after this throttle slowly increased to 1500r/min and for electronic speed regulating unit no need to adjust.

In order to start Cummins generator in cold environment, you have to do some preparation. Make sure to use winter fuel appropriate for local temperature. This plays an important role in reducing waxy deposits in the fuel tank.

If you are in an extremely low temperature then you would better to install a preheating system. Another thing that you have to keep in your mind that cooling system must be filled along anti-freeze.

Also make sure the condition of battery because sometimes low temperature can affect the capacity of battery. Manual, automatic, three-remote control cabinets and ATS cabinet in non-standard units, please explore briefly about the use of cabinets.

Cummins Generator in Operation

The very first thing about the control module is to check the oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, frequency. If there’s seems any abnormality then we recommend you highly to stop the generator immediately.

Now inspect t the error and remove it and start the unit again. Also make sure to check the oil circuit, waterway, gas circuit and smoke exhaust system of units in order to prevent any leakage.

Also make sure that the connection are properly tighten up, this will prevent the looseness and severe vibration. More vibrations can be the reason of huge noise.

We recommend you highly also to make sure about the protection and monitoring device of the unit.

When you see that the rotation speed has been reached 1500r/min and load operation is stable, the switch can only be closed to supply power to the load.

Always make sure that overloading is not allow. Another thing that we must tell you that do not short circuit especially when the unit is in operation, a small mistake can damage the components.

We also strictly stop you to disassemble any component of generator set while it is running.

Also make sure not to touch the exhaust pipe, turbocharger, high temperature coolant, heater and other high temperature surfaces by hand,there might be possibly that your hands will be burnt.

Always keep in your mind that the output voltage has been set to normal range, you can check it out from the control panel. Also make sure that the frequency has been set to 52 HZ.

Last but the most important, set the exceeding load rate value, and don’t let the generator exceed that value.

Cummins Generator Shut

It is normally very easy to shut down the generator simply by pressing the STOP button if the generator has manual functionality. But this is not the case with Automatic genset, it itself set the key to STOP position.

Also make sure that before stopping you have unloaded the load. The best time to stop the generator is that when you have unloaded the generator keep running it for almost 5minutes without load and then stop it.

Doing this will increases the generator durability. Also keep in mind that after removing or connecting the load cable, battery’s negative wiring has been turned off and removed.


The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared an amazing intro about Cummins Generator, their advantages as well as a brief guide on how to shut, Start and operator the generator efficiently. This guide is really helpful for those who are newbies or want to know how to exactly make generator on and off.

If you are looking for best place to buy a good Cummins generator for yourself then you are at the right place. Victory power reliable offering variety of Cummins, Perkins and many brands of generator. Victory have decades of experience and have been into the genset industry since years. Our prices are also reasonable with high quality, reliable and highly efficient products. We assure you that our generators will be highly durable and will not require more maintenance. We will gives you warranty with each product, so you can trust us.

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